JTR.. Lo is 3 weeks 3 days today. During my period of confinement, mil have been taking care of lo during the day till 10pm then lo comes in to the room with me. Lately he have been very cranky in the night. Sometimes, i felt is it that im making him uncomfortable or something else. As every night when he's with me, he would struggle and scream his lungs out despite already attended his needs. Today's episode totally tear me apart when i see him cry. Is it because i have less time to bond with my lo therefore he "dislikes" me? While with my mil or anyone else in the family he's totally ok. Totally feel like a failure mom. Because he cried so badly, mil took him away to sleep with him tonight. I cannot help but cry my eyes out when i see him sleeping so soundly with my mil in the living room. (Cus my fil snores very loudly, therefore sleeps in the living room) Feels so miserable.

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You are not a bad mom! I can't emphasize that enough. There could be multiple reasons why baby is crying. At 3 months old usually it's colic. Babies also like familarity. So if mil is the main caregiver it's natural for baby to look to her. Not because baby doesn't love you alright. Hugs