Feeling guilty

Today as usual I told my in law my baby is tired already. But they insist on playing with him for another hour. My baby don't usually cry in front of others even when he is hungry or sleepy. But i will catch his actions. Hence my in law always doubt me when I say he is sleepy or hungry. My baby only cries when he is passed back to me. True enough after the one hr, he cries when I asked my hubby to bring him in. He cried until his mouth vibrate. But i just let him cry so that my in law hear... Else they don't believe me. I feel so guilty that I let him continue crying a while more. #advicepls #pleasehelp #1stimemom #firstbaby

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Don’t have to be guilty! I got worse PIL than yours which sometimes I wish my baby can cry and pissed them.. I learned from my friends, they told me if next time hubby is not supportive or thinking is okay, then just carry baby and go home straight without him! Sometimes this type of PIL needs to give them some “black face” 🤭😂🤣 Remember babe, it’s your baby don’t let e grandparents has e right to say/do anything if u disagree with.. 😊

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