It's almost rainy season in Philippines. Nowadays, do parents still allow their kids to play under the rain? When I was a kid, I used to play under the rain with my friends with or without my parents' permission lol.

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When we were kids, we never experienced to play in the rain. My mom never allowed me to as she didn't want me to get sick, that's what I would always hear from her when we were young. These days, I still see some kids play on the streets when it's raining, but maybe I won't also allow my kids to do that. Perhaps when they're a bit older, just to let them feel how fun it is to play in the rain.

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I think if my baby's old enough, I'll let him play in the rain. Rarely do I see kids having fun outside while raining nowadays :( it used to be a fun activity for kids way back then. My sister said that it's best to skip kids from playing under the rain because rainwater isn't as clean anymore due to excessive pollution.

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Maybe when my kid is older, I'll let him play in the rain. I'd like him to experience the fun I had when I was his age. I'll even join him to make the experience more enjoyable for the both of us.

I do! but only if it has rained for about more than 15 minutes, then do I let him play in the rain. After that, I give him a quick warm bath in the bathroom so that he feels warm and cozy.

Hi Stan, I used to let me children play in the rain one time. But sad to say, they got sick after that. So it was a never again for me. :(

Yes we still do, although my son has not experienced this yet, he just turned one, we will let him play in the rain,