isit true that drinking cold drinks too often during pregnancy will leads to baby having asthma in the future?

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Nope, this won't lead to asthma but I would suggest drink moderately coz somehow I drank alot and my son has a lot of phlegm. So when he was like one month or so you hear his breathing it's kinda heart aching

Oh am hearing this for the first time. I actually used to have cold drinks on n off but not a lot as I was scared i shouldn’t catch a cold. So just take cold drinks in moderate , thts the best.

I don’t think so. I always drink cold drinks when I’m pregnant with both kids. And both of them don’t have any health problems.

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Not asthma. It’s that baby lungs will be weaker if drinking cold water too often during pregnancy. It’s advised by TCM physician.

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Nope. I was born with asthma not due to that but due to fan face directly when i was nb

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Nope, had been drinking moderation cold water and my baby girl came out just fine.

It’s a myth but I think is better to avoid as much as possible

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Well...that’s what older generation says and I do heed to it

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Not scientifically proven but best not to drink too much

Hi, I do not think so but better to drink in moderation