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Is it true that drinking cold drinks during first trimester will weaken the womb?

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I have an elderly grandma who always nag at me when I take cold food/drinks. Not that it will weaken the womb but baby might get asthma or cold easily. Best to take in moderation. I like cold drinks too. What I did was to take it from refrigerator & leave it outside on the table for 5-10mins before consume. So that its still cold but not that cold for our stomach.

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Nope but I prefer taking warm drinks cos my mom says too many cold drinks not good for the baby. I just follow haha no harm following and not troublesome also. But on really hot days, I’ll definitely get a cold drink :)

Heard from coll that its not good cos “cooling” but not heard about weakening the womb. But i really love cold drinks and helped with my morning sickness during the first trimester!

Nope but when I was pregnant I often hear from older colleagues that it might cause womb to be cold etc

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Cold drinks help me with morning sickness. I think everything in moderation is ok.

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I don't think so, but tend to stick to warm drinks throughout pregnancy

Yes but please have in moderation

in moderation should be fine...

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Just drink in moderation

No. No science proven.