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#1stimemom is it ok to drink cold water during pregnancy? Weather is so hot and it's difficult to avoid cold water 😞

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I drink cold water even ice ones daily. Does not and will not affect your baby as the water will become your body temperature once it enters your stomach. I'm a mother of 5 and I drank cold water with every pregnancy.

I try not to have really ice cold drinks... usually have them slightly chilled or if i were to add ice, i rest it aside for a while before drinking... and always drink it slowly , taking slow sips instead of big gulps

yes it is. i drank cold water often during my first trim as i was craving for it plus it helps with my nausea/bloating. but just dont let your mum/mil know

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your last sentence is funny but true. includes ice cream haha

from what i heard from my gynae, cold drink doesnt affect as by the time it reaches your tummy it'll be normal temp

just drink... and dont let aunties/mother/mil know .. mommies need to be happy in such hot merciless weather

Try not to drink if possible.. I didnt know while I was pregnant.. baby’s hands and feet will be cold.. room temperature drinks are fine.

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Cold water has nothing to do with baby's cold hands & feets. It is normal for baby's hand & feet to feel cold as they still have new blood circulation system and does not indicate that their body is cold. How to know if baby is feeling warm? Feel their tummy.

Depends on indi’s body, my TCM mentioned that preg ladies esp in first tri should avoid cold drinks

yes. I do that too as weather super hot

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i must have my cold stuff too 😅

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no issue but drink in moderation