Morning Sickness

Am in my 1st Trimester now, morning sickness is occurring daily. Thankfully I've not vomitted but the feeling is awful. Loads of food is a turn off to me. My appetite is bad. Can't eat much too. Alot of food doesn't attract me. But I'm still trying to eat as much as I can. Headache is often too. I try to drink as much water as possible. What did you do when you had morning sickness? Any natural things to aid instead of medication? I was told by my mum and mil not to take anything sour. So I'm in very much a dilemma when I feel the nausea

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I am in the same boat as you! I got so sick and nausea whenever I smell in foodcourt. I know we have to eat healthy, but almost all healthy food turns us off! Try to give in to your cravings (no raws or pineapple) during your first trimester (I hope it will get better on 2nd trim!), you have to eat something (nausea can get worse with empty stomach)... I usually crave for spicy sour and savoury food (burgers! fries! curry! tomyum!). To compensate my unhealthy diet atm, I usually try to drink up at least 2 litres of water and eat 2 servings of fruits. Recently, I have found out have lemon worked magically on my nausea (i dont feel nausea for 5 hours).. but the downside is... lemon can erode your tooth enamel. I normally drink lemon water when my nausea is at the brink.

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3y ago

I wanna eat sour things. But my mil say cannot take sour things. :(

I understand how you feel. I was very turned off by lots of food in my first trimester too. I couldn’t even bear the smell of food. I actually told my gynae about it and she prescribed some medication to me to ease the morning sickness as I was working. In addition, I also wore seasick bands as they kinda work similarly to ease nausea arising from motion sickness. You should find out what foods you can stomach at this point and stick to it. For me, it was just carbs, from biscuits, to noodles, to fries, to potato chips. Somehow, fried food was the only smell I could withstand so I ate them the most, though not every day of course. Hopefully you feel better soon!

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I had morning sickness throughout my first and second trimesters.. it was the worst feeling especially over a long period of time! I tried many remedies. Few that works was to have nausea medication prescribed by doctor, can get from any GP. Also search for “sea band”. It’s a band with a plastic attached to it which you wear it on both your wrists. It stimulate your acupressure point which can help to relieve nausea.. can find in Watson/Guardian, or even online

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I used essential oil and eat whatever I can eat. Even chocolates and cakes. I couldn’t even drink plain water that time. As for headache, I took normal Panadol.

For me sour stuff helps. However hang on tough as first trimester is usually like that cause we are adjusting to Our body new needs for the baby.

If appetite is bad, try to have some milo and biscuit