Start of 2nd trimester and morning sickness going away but sad that appetite not good

Hello. Any mummies-to-be experiencing morning sickness going away but appetite still not as good as pre pregnancy? I had morning sickness since week 5 till 12 of pregnancy and thankfully it’s getting so much better. However, I’m still bloated and appetite is so small compared to pre pregnancy. Any tips to manage self-expectations on how soon appetite should come back? Everyone telling me I should eat more but I really couldn’t eat much. #advicepls

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yes i experienced the same, actually i’m at 31 weeks and my appetite is still not great all the time as after the nausea came heartburn :( but i do feel more hungry than before and i cope by having more small meals!

32 weeks and i could say my appetite is not great too . Very choosy when it comes to food with this 2nd pregnancy . As long as u can eat okey already . Eat small meals and fruits .

honestly what works best is taking your mind off it. eat what you feel like eating, doesn’t have to be much. it may get better soon

1y ago

Thanks! I hope so too :)


try to have more small meals