morning sickness

I'm 6 wks pregnant but I have a bad case of morning sickness. nausea and I can't seem to have any appetite at all. Can't eat any food at all now. How do you overcome this?

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i had super bad morning sickness then because of it ,i had gastric & heartburn.. cried almost every night... what i think u should jus take it easy.. eat watever u can in small potions .. fruits & asam helps too.. hang in there.. u will get over it b4 u know it..

I had bad morning sickness too that i used up all my Mc cause of the body weakness, vomitting, headache, nausea. Bad appetite too. But it gets better once im in my 16 weeks

Same as me too! So for me, i try not to hv an empty stomach as it made my nausea even worse. So i had little snacks (biscuits, nuts, raisins etc) frequently throughout the day.

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U can try sucking on sour plum... as for the loss of appetite, guess its common cus i dun feel like eating anything at all too. But always remember that we hv a baby inside that needs some form of nutrition from the food we eat. Hope all will go well for u dear.

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U may get pills from doctor to curb such feelings. I always felt nauseous during dinner time, but after having the medicine, it is much better.

Try dates maybe it will help. Just explore.You gonna miss this moment later.🙂

Eat smaller portion of food.... and eat sour plum!

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drink warm water, it helps for me.

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I take mint drops.