Morning Sickness at 3rd Trimester

I had my morning sickness (mostly during night time) during my first trimester. It went away when I entered my second trimester. Now I’m at 30 weeks (third trimester) and my morning sickness appears to be back. I could not eat as freely as I did last trimester. Often having heartburn and vomiting series before bedtime. Is it common for morning sickness to be back when you enter third trimester? #firsttimemom

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Me too. I’m 29 weeks now. The heartburn and nauseous is coming back, alike to my 1st trimester. I threw up the last two days. Some mummies recommended Rennie, which reliefs heartburn and is pregnancy safe. You can check it out in the pharmacy.

It’s normal. I didn’t have MS till week 38 😂 Just eat smaller portions and try to avoid spicy/fried food.

1y ago

wow, lucky u hahah! thank u for the advice☺️