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Hi I’m using cuckoo water dispenser. I fully BF for 3months & now with Nan ha. For mixing milk I need to use room temperature and hot water (40 degree) My baby easily catch flu even after medication. Why? When getting room temperature I realised that the dispenser casually mixing the hot and cold water together. Is this will cause flu to my baby? Her flu is non stop.. I’m wondering why.. please help me. I checked and coway is not like that as it provide room temperature w/o mixing.

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Hi all, thank you for all your advices here. I’m staying in condo high floor (14th floor) with balcony. My balcony facing highway and my house very dusty even after daily cleaning.. is this could be the reason..? It’s hard for me to see her suffering as a mom I want to get rid of her flu and finding out what is the cause. I’m thinking to her helper by weekly to clean house , will it help? I should give a try

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saya pun guna cuckoo jugak. saya cmpur air panas and air sejuk utk buat susu anak. anak saya ok jer xde msalah. anak saya almost 4month. till now xpernah ade demam. just pernah selsema jer 2 kali. maybe u should check ur surrounding dear. sometimes small thing yg kita slalu xtake serius can be the cause too. and jgn bwak anak kluar rumah msa dia demam. msa anak sakit jangkitan kuman mudah terkena. get well soon..

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Sy pernah jumpa pakar knak2. Sb anak kerap btuk slsema & demam. Ada pakar yg cadangkan untuk gunakan air yg di masak sepenuhnya utk bg anak mnum. Sb tonsil anak xkuat mcm org dwasa. Tonsil diorg kena bekerja lebih utk tapis bkteria.. Tp info ni lebih kpd anak2 yg slalu batuk la. Boleh cuba klau ok boleh amalkan 👍🏻

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Dear.. Cuckoo water is a mineral with 7.5-8ph and it is absolute to make your lil baby sick. The water itself cleaned and healthy. Please checked your surroundings and any other things. Also please check the people around you. Flu is contagious right? Be well. Btw what type of cuckoo water dispenser are you using?

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4y ago

Hi, I’m using iris top

actually some baby not suitable using dispenser water.. like my baby...if i use dispenser water my baby have a flu.. so i use a boil water.. and if u want the flu quick relief u can mix a boil water and mineral water.. not drinking water.. i use mineral water spritzer when my baby have flu..

formula milk tidak ad bahan tuk imune baby. its normal if ur baby getting flu and non stop... cuba amik 4 life. dia mcm serbuk colestrum...masukkan dlm susu. maybe boleh sembuh

hi.....try check persekitaran and mndikan baby dengan air lemon (suam2) :-) good for our baby , in sha Allah

myb its not about cucco water.. chwck aircond or fan in ur home.. its always cause bby got flu

4y ago

Check the dust... all cleaned & have no idea why..?

sy pun guna cuckoo juga.. guna cntrl suhu air klu nak buat Susu anak

4y ago

Yes I’m using confusion is , is it because of hot and cold water mixture it cause her flu?