How to store baby's food?

Hello mummies! How do I store my baby's puree? Can I freeze them then thaw and mix with breastmilk? Or mix everything then freeze? I'm currently making sweet potato puree and it's a lot (just steamed one piece only) but I don't have an extra ice cube tray. How else to store?

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I will usually store in ice cube trays, just the puree without milk. Better to add the milk aft thawing, just before u want to give baby, tt way ur BM nutrients get retained better. If u have small tupperware containers, the kind tt are used for sauces, u can use them. Otherwise, best to buy another ice cube tray or puree trays from Shopee for long term use.

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6mo ago

Yes can, I stored in the avent cups before in the fridge. Just tt u may need to bring it down frm the freezer to the normal fridge area to thaw overnight. Then u can scoop some out to warm and feed baby the next morning. The leftover puree (if it's still icy) can be refreezed if u dont need it for tt day.