I'm planning for a family trip this coming Feb with a 2.5 year old boy and a 5 month old baby by then. Where would you recommend on destination, preferably to a developed country? Thanks!

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Hello as a father of 2 grown children what i have seen is at the age of 2.5 the childs main idea of entertainment is just being with you. Thats all! They will not appreciate sightseeing shopping or anything else for that matter. They just want to be with you and will be maximum satisfied with simple things like catching, playing ball, building sand castlrs, 5 stones, simple toys , catching ants, if they arecengaged with you they will also not cause any problems during the trip. Sightseeing and shopping after awhile they may get bored and give problems. Any of these simple things are already in singapore. Places like disneyland, theme parks in kl they arectoo high to take mosg of the rides.

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i would suggest singapore, australia and japan..these 3 countries has a theme park which kids will enjoy it. Like in singapore they have Universal Studios as well as in Osaka. In Tokyo, they have Disneyland.. and in Gold Coast, Australia they have Warner Bros.. These 3 cities are really safe to travel with kids.. they have amazing whether and environment.. Plus, if you go to singapore, you can also visit legoland in Johor in Malaysia.. a perfect theme park for children. Hope this will help you out.. just for sharing.. take a look at this offer just in case you want to use it for another trip.. https://iprice.sg/coupons/klook/ https://iprice.ph/coupons/airasia/

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Taiwan for the food and the reasonably priced taxi and most important the child friendly restaurants and malls. Bangkok only if u keep to the malls. Cruise? Australia i heard is good for families too.

Gonna go with HK! Cos I'm going with mine in Feb too! Heard it's really baby friendly so decided to go there as our first destination (:

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Commuters in HK uses a lot of stairs and the pathway are mostly narrow and uneven and not good for use of double strollers hence I have omit it as an option as I don't think I can carry my baby and walk for the whole trip.

Bali or Taiwan.. Plenty of food in Taiwan and things to see. Bali has very good and friendly family amenities.

Australia or Japan! We loved our trip!

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We did Danang as a family and loved it