discharge during 9 weeks pregnancy

Hi im now 9weeks....since last week I had white discharge+brown colour....I was so panic n refer to doc immediately. After scan everything is fine n baby heart beat was good. Now the brown discharge is still on and off discharge . I super stress.....anybody have same problem like me?????

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saya pun alami benda yg sama.. since week 7 lagi.. discharge tu smelly jugak n ada one time kaler brown.. bila check doc, sy ada cervical polyp.. tu yg ada darah sikit.. but she said it doesnt affect the baby.. polyp tu doc akn remove week13 nnt.. but sy still tgu pap smear result sy check if ada infection.. bole tanya doc psl cervical polyp tu..

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Kalau brown sikit2 on off rasanya okay lagi sis. Kalau bleeding tu takut something wrong. Btw tanya pendapat nurse/doctor pasal ni. Jangan bt kerja berat, makan kena jaga (no spicy/jeruk), elak makanan sejuk & ais. 1 Trimester ni kena jaga elok2. Since dr said yr baby is fine i think its okay ☺️think positive and pray a lot.

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Same experience here but mine is dark brown and dark red. Risau teramat sgt sbb pernah gugur. Dh check doc baby still ada. This is 2nd day and still have very strong odour brown discharge. Not sure what should I do. Please pray for me and my baby

My gynae told me that brown is OK, and if it is red then I should go to the hospital. But if you doubt and need more clarification, you could always call ur clinic.

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Better minta nasihat nurse/doc

mine ..+ bleeding