Brown Discharge At 10 Weeks

Hi Mommies, i need your advise on this! I'm really worried now. I'm having a brown discharge since this evening. Is this normal? What should i do. My next appointment is on next Friday. Should i wait? Help me..

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Brown discharge Is normal for early trimester as it may be implantation bleeding. But you have to see the doctor nevertheless... I had mine during 7 weeks pregnancy.

for me direct refer doc for check/scan.. below 13 weeks is first trimester.. anything can happen during dat time..

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if xde bleeding it should be ok.. tapi apa2 hal untuk kepastian better ke klinik trus.. sebab 1st trimester mommy2 semua sgt fragile..

if its concern u, better go and check to the nearest clinic just to make sure everything is ok.

I got mine at 7 weeks and quickly went to hospital.

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Better you go to hospital asap .