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I'm now 7W6D, these few day really no appetite to eat. Any Mummy encounter this? Even Milo I also cannot drink.. I miss Tomyum soup

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I feel you. It started 6 weeks. Then comes 8 weeks i throw up 2-3x a day the most. Worst is i dont even like the water taste. I tried eating small amount or whatever it doesnt work out. I dont even crave anything. I just try to eat again after throwing up. Now 10 weeks and few day still same feeling.

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I felt bloated and nausea most of my first trimester. I did not limit what I ate (even if it was fast food) and just ate whenever I could, whatever I wanted. My appetite only started to pick up at around 17 weeks

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My gynae ask me to eat according to my craving (except those banned food). He also say it’s ok to lose weight (if no appetite). Just eat the tomyum!

Me nearly 7W now but since 5W started to lose appetite. Still can eat but eat v little then started to feel bloated and nausea kicks in. :(


Just go ahead and have Tom yum soup if that’s the only thing you feel like having. Same for me, so I would have tom yum soup with some fish.

I ate curry/tomyum/anything spicy at every meal during my 1st trimester. Eat whatever you want except those restricted foods!

I eat a lot of soupy stuff - kimchi soup, dumpling soup, mee hoon kueh, mui fan, minestrone etc.

Just eat whatever u craving. I only craving for pizza and fried chicken during pregnancy

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Better to eat something than nothing hor. As long as baby got food to eat.

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Try to eat something as baby needs it. Maybe try those plain crackers?

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Tom yum soup is fine! Just take everything in moderation :)