Week 12 Symptoms

Hello! Is it normal to feel bloated, nauseous yet cannot vomit, no appetite for the whole day during week 12? I feel so bad for starving the baby but I really cannot eat anything. #firsttimemom

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Experienced the same throughout my first tri too, with the same worry but gynae said it’s normal. Am at week 15 now and still the appetite hasn’t fully came back, at least the nausea and bloat don’t feel that bad as before. I believe it’ll all get better

3mo ago

Thank you! 🥹

not too much of an issue for now in first trimester. my doctor told me that if you dont eat, baby will be getting nutrients from your body. which is why taking your prenatal supplements is so important. also also just try your best to keep hydrated! 💕

I had similar experience as you. Felt much better after Week 14 and appetite came back. The baby doesnt require much from you in 1st trimester so dont worry and dont need to feel bad about it. Pls rmb to take your supplements and folic acid tho. Jiayou!

3mo ago

Hopefully I will feel better a few weeks later too! Will continue to take supplements and folic acid. Thank you! 🥹

Maybe eat something little but frequent. Like cookies or biscuits. Bt honestly even if you dont eat much the baby’s not affected and still gaining weight etc. unless if really anaeroxic and malnutrition

3mo ago

Ah okay! Thank you! 😊