Appetite during day and night differs greatly

Is it normal to have a huge appetite during the day, but once it reaches the evening, there is no appetite to eat? I’m at week 12. During the day, when I eat something, I can stomach it and have little to no nausea. But if I eat something beyond 7pm onwards, my stomach cannot endure the food and will be vomited soon. Is this normal?

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Yes it is totally normal. It is advise to eat in small portion on your daily meal be it breakfast, lunch, dinner. This is to avoid acid reflux heartburn and vomitting. If you feel hungry after 7pm you can have light snack or fruits.

Me tooooooooooo! I can’t even bite anything after 6pm. Feels like really bad food somehow tho its all good. Reaching my 12 weeks in 2 daysss.