I’m not sure if I’m pregnant ?

I’m not sure if I pregnant, if yes is my first baby, I had pain below my stomach 2 week ago on left and on right,and is continuously until now, I also had headache and nause but not vomiting ,then my ovulation on 17.12 is happen 1 week after my period. In 3 day’s I have like extreme event for me I scared to go might something happen. Then if I’m not going my training for a year will be wasted .. if I check pregnant test now is that In possible ?

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Tulis jawapan

Check upt for pregnancy but still, if it doesn't appear 2 lines, u still hve to be careful. Maybe it's too early to detect hcg level. Eat healthily, consume folic acid. Be extra careful in everything u do.

3y ago

I had check today.. 1 line is blur.. So one week more is might be positive .. Thanks