Im having nausea for two days now. It happened all day. No appetite to eat rice. I only take bread for lunch and breakfast. How to gain back the apprtite ? Any tips ? How to endure the nausea? Any tips ? ???

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It's normal. Just eat whatever that makes you feel comfortable. Have small meals. Drink more milk or juices. During my first trimester , all I wanted was soup, milo, milk with biscuits & fruits.

3y ago

yeaaa for my first trimester, I only can eat bread, choc milk & soupssss

Diclectin pills helped me alot to curb the nausea.

1y ago

Diclectin is before meal. For me, first time I took one whole tablet, I felt sick and tired all sleepy and I missed my snacks that caused heartburn cos of empty tummy so I decided to cut it half so I won't feel too sleepy or groggy after eating and so far so good, I take half tablet at 6hr intervals and manage appetite better and feel better too. Try bread with some different protein each time if u can?