Hello all, I'm now at week 10 3 days. Mind to share when your appetite is back after all the nausea & vomiting starts to subside? My nausea is not as bad as before however now become no appetite and is quite unbearable and no energy at all.

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I'm on my 18 week and I still feel nauseating and do vomit but not as bad as I was when I'm at 14 week and below. My appetite now seems to be on and off to be honest. I guess that depends on what I eat? Like example if it's something that I crave for, then my appetite will be good. Maybe you can try to eat something you love and see how it goes? I hope you'll feel better soon as I know how annoying that nauseous feeling and vomiting can be. Worst, I'm allergic to the anti nausea medication and can you imagine that? :')

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Super Mum

I gt big appetite at third tri! Second tri no vomiting but also not much of an appetite.

4y ago

third tri?? that's long!! Then how do u manage your meals? I feel hungry and really no energy cos didn't eat. Cant even stand for long.