Nausea whole day and Loss of appetite (5 weeks)

I’m feeling nausea almost the whole day (but nil vomiting episodes) that I don’t have appetite to eat anything. I can only eat a few mouthfuls. How then can I eat nutritious food to develop my baby?:(

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Hi Mummy! Firstly, congrats! I'm in my 10 weeks & feel the same way. I forced myself to eat even small meals but at times, all come out. No appetite for rice or whatsoever but I love fruits and juices. So I eat whatever I can but small amt cos I realised when I eat big amt I ended up vomit all out. And drink water to stay hydrated. I also lost wgt but Gynae said no worries as long as baby grows well. (:

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Don't worry too much! Have small meals and take in what you can. Having biscuits beside your bed first thing in the morning helps with the queasiness. There are mums who lose weight during the first trimester and it is normal as long as it's not too extreme. This will pass and your appetite will return:) In the mean time, don't stress yourself out with negative thoughts 🌈

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First trimester similar for me. So worried that I have no appetite and not eating well. Even if eat, will vomit it out. But I try to eat whatever I can in small amounts and made sure the food intake is nutritious so i don’t “waste” my apetite when I have one. All the best! Mine got better in second tri.

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Super Mum

It’s ok. My gynae told me don’t force myself to eat if I can’t during 1st trimester. Just eat whatever u want (except banned food). Try frequent and light meal. It helps. I like cereals with cold milk. Orange juice helps too (in moderation).

Omg i am like this. I feel nausea the whole day and after i eat i feel like vomiting, even drinking water makes me puke. 😔 but i still try to eat to help my baby be better. Im on my 6 weeks and t days today.

i feel you. im coming into 7 weeks and still very queasy. i vomitted once a day. because if i kept holding back i will feel crappy. i have no appetite at all. but i do find cold fruits like watermelon or grapes helps.

4y ago

maybe can skip the grapes coz i just read theyre not encouraged... try apples 😃

Same here. But im going into my 11 weeks now. And its def getting slightly better. :) just eat what you can stomach. I couldnt eat rice during my beginning weeks.. so i ate noodles instead.

It's normal. During my first trimester, all I wanted was milo & biscuits/bread and soup. Just eat whenever/whatever you can. Things will get better along the way :)

Hang in there. I puked 3x a day till 14weeks,lost 5kg. But dr said all is good so just in there. Now im 20weeks and eating like a pig ahhaha

It's normal dun worry. I have nausea up till today and i'm already at 37+3 weeks. I just whatever i could. 😫 u can do it😊