Nausea everyday

I am 11 weeks and my nausea has been ongoing since the day I did my pregnancy test. And i wonder who terms it "morning " sickness. Because my nausea occurs throughout the day .... 😭😭😭. So far no vomitting. Yet. Will this nausea ever stop or may even occur throughout the whole 9 months? I kinda forget how it felt normal without this nausea feeling. Everyday my train ride to work has been horrible. Any tips for nausea?

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Super Mum

Yes morning sickness doesn’t happen only in the mornings. 😂 you may wanna bring some sweets or plums along.

I am 10 weeks in and I am exactly the same, feeling so sick today and reading through this forum now to find some comfort :(

2y ago

Hi dear. I m currently in the end of my 2nd trimester. It got so much better when i m at my 2nd trimester, So i hope u will hang in there okay. It will be alk worth it. At 2nd trimester,u can feel baby moving for now, just tell yourself to hang in there. Do happy things to distract urself from the morning sickness. Like play a game, watch a movie, do online shopping