How to get rid of nausea

Hi mummy! I started having nausea, no vomiting for the past 3 days? Need help on how to make it better? Nausea the whole day.. 😭😭😭

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You may try some sour fruits and orange juices .. if you know gooseberry try this , it’s the best as I have eat alot untill my 5th month as I felt the same as like u, it helped me a lot

11mo ago

Thank you! Will try all 3! 🥰

hi mummy! you can try ginger or citrus candies. there are also pregnancy candies that you can buy. for me, fruit juice, 100 plus, and candies helped make me feel better. take care!

11mo ago

Citrus candies didnt work for me and i dont like the taste of ginger 😭 ive been drinking H-TWO-O and it didnt help too.. maybe i try change to 100 plus and fruit juices! 🥰 thank you!!

U might be sensitive to certain smells now, I dripped peppermint oil on a tissue to smell or ate a sweet to combat the nausea

11mo ago

I spread the axe oil on my handkerchief whenever the nausea gets worst. It didnt stop the nausea but i felt lil better. Will ask hubby to get me peppermint oil and try if it helps! Thank you! 🥰