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Hi! I'm a FTM. Just want to know what are the essentials for the newborn and when should I start buying? I don't want to splurge a lot. Also, I'm not having a gender reveal party/baby shower. As only my close friends and relatives know that I'm currently pregnant. Will like to keep it this way till I give birth. Thank you for your advices!! ??

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You can start looking around and plan from 6 months onwards. I bought the heavy and bulky items about 6 months and the lighter items at the later part of the pregnancy. Essentials will be laundry detergent, milk bottles (1 or 2 will be enough as baby might not like the teat and rejects them), cot, mattress, mattress cover, stroller, a few sets of clothes, towels, hankerchiefs and one to two packet of nb diapers as they outgrow very fast. It is good to standby a cheap breastpump if you intends to breastfeed. If intends to use formula, the hospital actually provides some of the brands that you can test try first and then purchase on the day of discharge or getting your husband to purchase the day before discharge.

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ill buy clothes and all (since its online and it takes time) around 6months onwards. slowly2 wash them and all. thn for his cots and pram all that i bought a month before. didnt buy toys all that coz not necessary for now. but dont forget to buy breastpump if you intend to bf incase baby cannot latch on. and bottles also. my baby couldnt latch so i learned the hard way. toiletries, grooming, diapers, wipes i buy on the month im going to deliver.

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Thrs so many lists of baby essentials online u can google..den u cn see which u need or which u cn get hand me downs.. my advice is not to get too many newborn clothes cos they outgrow em so fast.. get sizes that are more >3 mths ones..I started getting stuffs for the baby when im >5 mths preg.. den slowly buy.. bt try to settle all before u turn 9 mths cos by then too tired to do anything.. u just want the baby out lol

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U can start buying after 6 months... some bb clothes a few newborn, a few 0-3 months and most 3-6months as bb outgrow super fast... grooming set, wipes as for diapers go sign up for those free gift for individual diapers company and buy 1 small pack of nb will do..

My pregnancy is also top secret. On need to know basis only lol. Also, I'm only 17 weeks into my pregnancy, but I'll be buying the more expensive/worth-buying items during 11.11 to save some money 😅😅😅

Consider purchasing during 11.11! Many deals Out there!