At which week to start buying baby items

Im currently 6 months, 24 weeks, is it too early to start buying baby stuff like baby clothes, skincare, detergent, and the big items like stroller etc? When did you mummies start buying your newborn stuff ? #firsttimemom

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I start buying baby's stuff for first pregnancy at about 28 to 30 weeks, second pregnancy 30 onwards and adding more of items after birth. Because I am so tired to go out and shop, ended up with ordering online or just quick touch and go purchase 🤣

I’m currently 27 weeks and I already have most of baby’s things ready, except for consumables. Actually most things I ordered online haha. Perhaps around 35 weeks when I start doing the washing then I’ll get the detergent etc.

can start buying alr. detergent/soap/bottle wash can buy from shopee. really very cheap. cloths maybe u can go shop buy better cause size is different online. and buy bigger cloths.. don't buy newborn. baby grow very fast.

19 weeks and I have already purchased detergent, wipes, skincare. Pumps and carrier. Haha just buy when there is a sale!

I purchased them bit by bit. Around 2 months before I give birth bcos waited for sales like double 2, double 3