Can’t stop eating

I’m at my end of trimester of pregnancy and I can’t stop eating. Is it okay if I just eat? Or should I control my diet?

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I'm probably not the best person to advice you, I ate every 1.5-2 hours for my 2nd and 3rd trimester :x But if it's not a major health concern with your gynae or pregnancy then there shouldn't be much to worry about! It's always best to check with your gynae, especially if you're having some pregnancy complications or concerns as well :) If you are okay to continue with your eating habits then I'd say to make them healthy as much as possible. Always choose the healthy snacks instead of the junk or fast food! And also, it might be passed to your son because my son is a big eater now - he eats something almost every 2-3 hours and I greatly attribute it to pregnancy eating habits haha, though my friends beg to differ that I've always been a big eater myself and he just got my genes. Either way, it's a happy problem as compared to a child that is fussy/doesn't eat :)

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Getting hungry easily and often is common especially in the last trimester. It's okay to eat as much but to be safe, check with your doctor that you're not at high risk of gestational diabetes and the like. You might also experience indigestion so do be mindful as well.

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If you’re not at high risk of gestational diabetes or already obese, then shouldn’t be a problem. Hunger during pregnancy is very very common and it’s just your baby telling you what it needs!

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I was told to cut down cause I wanted natural delivery, baby cannot be oversized

It is a very normal so just enjoy and eat :)

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Its good!! But stay healtht