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Hi i'm currently 6 mnths pregnant. Been going through an emotional roller coaster ride during my pregnancy journey & I'm always taking leave or mc to rest my mind at home, my husband's always there for me when I need him. I don't have friends who is pregnant currently so I don't talk to them about this because I don't want them to feel awkward. The problem is that, my other pregnant colleagues are just doing fine, no problems apart from the morning nausea & those typical pregnant symptoms. I feel stupid & weak to have to go through this while they seem so strong. I don't talk to them about this issue because they sound judgemental & I don't need such negativity in my life. I understand every pregnancy is different but I would expect mine to have bad nausea or extreme weight gain but mine just hormones raging about. Well, makes me feel shitty everyday. Is what I'm going through considered normal or am I just being a weak ass?

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I was a basket case of hormones taking over when I was pregnant. From being a Type A personality, I was reduced to a crying baby. Any simple thing could trigger my tears. A cute kitten, a sad story and even romantic comedies. This does not make me a weakling. I was carrying another human being inside me and that altered the chemicals in my body. You are not alone. This is a natural phenomenon and you will eventually get back to your normal self . Cheer up girl : )

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Jia you ! I’m currently on week 11 , been feeling shitty also , bad morning sickness and worst of all , I been taking MC and I even heard some of my colleague talking behind my back about me taking MC , and what worst is .. those talking behind my back are mothers and fathers , I’m impressed. You are not alone !! 3 more months to go and your precious will be out ! And everything will be fine !!

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No, you’re not being weak at all. I’m now 15 weeks pregnant. Depressed as heck. Going to see a psychiatrist this week. No mood to eat. No mood to even look at my husband. No mood to work. Fall sick so easily. And I’m the only one of my friends who is pregnant. So I have no one to talk to also. You’re not alone.

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I thought its just me feeling this way. I'm going 12th week. Every single day it just feels like s***. I've tried going for haircut, medi pedi. Nothing seems to work. Just want to sleep it off everyday.

Everyone is different. Just bear in mind, what goes round come round to those who talk behind the back. Kiddo and saluate to those mum other there. Happy Advance Mother Day to all wonderful woman.

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It’s normal. Every mum to be have a overwhelming senses, and you can’t control your hormones too. Don’t blame yourself, open up often to your Husband and try to stay happy.

I m 6 months pregnant too. i do understand how u feel. currently on bed rest. not being able to move around is driving me crazy. emotions are all over the place as well.

I think irs normal..