Hi mummies, just here to share my thought my feelings. I'm currently in week 39+1. I have a daughter who are 19 months now. I feel really damn heavy and tired. I realise if I don't get at least a short bed rest in the day, my body will feel extremely tired. Last weekends I had fever for 2 days. I was mostly on bed hence I think that's the reason why I recovered fast. I stay with my inlaws house and the only person I talk most to is my husband. But I don't know why I feel lonely... Feels like I can't bring myself to tell him everything just like how I talk to my mum. At times, I felt like crying due to tiredness. But didn't let him see. It's so tiring that I wanna cry. I wished he was someone who are more thoughtful and detailed but he aren't. His work load is so much. Always on the phone. I'm not sure why I'm like this. Or is this preprenancy emotions or depression or hormones. I'll miss home because I can talk with my mum about everything. I don't have a friend to talk htht too. Cos I don't feel that they will understand what motherhood is like.. Just feel lonely and tired. And the thought of giving birth soon, give me a little fear because I know it's going to be even harder during confinement. I cried alot in my first confinement. I fear to go through the same again. Some of the nights, negative thoughts just come to me. About rs. About money. About preg. Don't know what to do.. #pregnancy

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Super Mum

You’re so so strong Leen! You have shouldered so much and pregnancy hormones are also not helping. Please reach out to ask for support or help. Call your mum! Connect with fellow mummies. I’m here if you need an listening ear, just look me up on ig!

Make the first step to change things. Just a small step, start with calling your mum, slowly build courage to talk a little to hubby even if he is overloaded. Keeping everything inside is not the solution in the long run.

I hope you (and your LO) are doing ok now, Leen!