no morning sickness

Hi all, I'm currently on my 10 week pregnancy. I don't feel nausea or experience any vomit so far. Any mother experienced the same and the pregnancy is healthy or stable? Only feeling dizzy when standing up and shortness of breathe starting from few weeks before. I had severe nausea during my previous pregnancy. TIA

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Same , i do not have any nausea throughout my pregnancy

Yup it’s normal. Did not experience any nausea or vomiting throughout. Currently in my third trimester.

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Lucky you! No MS is a good start and doesnt affect baby's health in any way.

Different pregnancy is different. Be thankful that you don't have morning sickness. I was worried previously too when I didn't have it at earlier stage of 4th week but later regretted it when I started experiencing very bad morning sickness during 6th week on :-(

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yes, every pregnancy is diff!

Should be fine! I didn't have any morning sickness throughout my pregnancy; no vomiting and minimal nausea (which is sporadically triggered by motion sickness). I also had dizziness and shortness of breath in first trimester but it got better by second tri. I'm 38+6 weeks now and baby has been okay so far. Every pregnancy is different :)

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It’s normal, I didn’t have any morning sickness or nausea too. Just be thankful!