Loss of Appetite

i’m at 11 weeks now and just recovered from Covid-19 (finally negative on day 7). however the whole day i’ve been feeling very dizzy and lethargic. everything i eat, i vomit out. haven’t had a proper meal at all today because i don’t have appetite but when i do eat, i vomit it all out. not sure if it’s post-covid symptoms or just pregnancy symptoms. i’ve had nausea earlier on during my pregnancy but havn’t had morning sickness yet. any tips or advice on how to keep my food down? :( thanks in advance!

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Go see a doctor and get some vitamins? Dinner not over 8pm. Try to drink more beverages or those meal replacement milk/drink for the time being, gain as much nutrients as you can. You may also try those probiotics like Yakult, it is a good choice to increase your appetite too. 😊