I'm curious. Why would u prefer to use a slow cooker to cook porridge as compared to rice cooker? Can anyone explain?

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Firstly its the texture. Rice cooker makes it smoother. Secondly slow cooker has a higher percent of keeping the nutrients in. Also porridge needs to be slow cooked to taste good. Especially the Cantonese tyle of porridge. Lastly, slow cooker you can dump everything in and leave it overnight and keep it warm. Or even in the morning before you leave for work. Rice cooker, can dry up and need to keep adding water.

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6y ago

Yup. Slow cooler definitely better option, can make porridge amd soup. On the long run, id go with a slow cooker. Can also use for the family. So its multi function.

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Slow cooker will have to slowly breakdown the cooking and have a softer porridge texture. As for rice cooker, it cooks fast but the texture is too hard for babies. You can consider using an electric lunch cooker. It can cook porridge and steam eggs/fish at the same time.

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6y ago

Yup. So i bought something like a mini rice cooker (the black/silver thing inside of e cooker),Pigeon brand, put into my rice cooker to cook his small portion of porridge. I will share it in parentown in a while.


I'm using a double boiler. very good.