Cooking porridge with slow cooker

Anyone using slow cooker to cook porridge? How do you do it? Tried to use it today and i put the rice and hot water in the slow cooker at 8am. By 11am the porridge was not even cooked - ended up putting the porridge on the stove and it cooked within minutes! Please share how you cook the porridge using a slow cooker. Only reason I was using it as I didn’t want to have to watch the stove as I’m watching over my 10mth old at the same time.

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Turn it on to high heat for cooking until it become porridge then switch to low heat for keep warm. Slow cooker is meant to cook slowly and this would takes long hours to become porridge. Try cook it the night before. You want it fast then try thermal cooker or cook it on the stove.

Recently, my husband and I started eating oatmeal porridge and for this I just needed to watch a video . 3 times a week we regularly consume. I like to salt oatmeal porridge and almost never use sugar in my diet.

Consider getting PowerPac slow cooker. Turn on high heat then switching to Low / auto. It works.

Would appreciate any tips from the mummies here who are using a slow cooker!

Keen to know too!

I can’t advise about slow cooker but how about using an electric lunch box instead? alternatively, you can use a thermos flask too just soak the rice and boiling water, eventually can turn into porridge as well.