Hi mummies, can you recommend me any good and portable electric cooker? I'm currently using a slow cooker to cook porridge for my 10mth baby but am hoping to get one for travelling. Thanks in advance! :)

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Hi there are a few brands out there. You can check out on Qoo10. Personally I have used Yoei brand as well as the 小浣熊 electric lunch box. The size is perfect for travelling and is indeed just like a multi tiered lunch box. The portion you can cook is just nice for your baby . It is very fast too. Remember to use hot water in the steamer compartment so the cooking will be faster. You fa get the two tiered one so that you can cook rice and veggies at the same time. You can also easily reheat the food before Abby wakes up. Really love to use the electric lunch box!

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Thanks for sharing! Just wondering, having used both, which would you prefer? yoei or 小熊 brand?

8y ago

curious to know which is better to. tinking to get one for travel as well. there is also a sensonic brand.anyone tried?