Blocked ducts?

im a breastfeeding mom and recently i noticed that i have one round lump size of a small grape maybe, on my aerola. i thought it might be blocked duct but after massaging it's still there and it's painful. anyone experienced it before? what should i do and where can i get treatment?

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It’s most probably a blocked duct. The best way to deal with it is to get the milk out. Pumping helps to some extent but I’ve found that my baby’s latch is the strongest and most effective. While baby’s sucking, I also massage over the lump. So far every single lump has disappeared with that method. I wouldn’t suggest hot compress because that just produces more milk and doesn’t solve the blocked duct, so the pain may get worse.

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Super Mum

Keep latching! I've had lumps bigger than that, nothing works better than latching - cleated the next day

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I think you're right. You can do hot compress and massage, hot shower and latch more often/pump.

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Latch to deblister that