I'm beginning to dislike my MIL. Whenever she comes to stay over at my place, I feel that she 'snatches' my toddler away from me. She wants to send her to school, fetch her from school, feeds her, put her to bed. I can't even have some time with my toddler when I come home from work.....

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Haha.. recently my MIL told me she intends to send my toddler to kindergarten when he starts school next year Everyday. She said don't need for me to hire school bus, she wants to take a more active role in my toddler's life and send him to school daily. I just keep quiet whenever she suggests it. Well not even suggest, like state it as a matter of fact. She stays like 30-45 mins drive away from my house while my toddler's school is just like 10 mins away from my house. I don't believe she can commit to such a grueling schedule of sending him to school every single day. Sometimes in laws just don't know their boundaries. As a parent of my child, I set my boundaries and my rules. I really don't care if they are unhappy with my boundaries. I respect them as a DIL but when it comes to my kid, I have the final say. There had been a bad family fallout because of my position before but I stand my ground. My child's well being and safety and my own comfort level comes first. I don't give birth to a kid to be at the beck and call of others.

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I'm in your shoes too. I alr hate my mil because she reject my marriage and ask me to sign prenuptial agreement oversea then only I can marry to her son. Long story short, now after my boy is born she try to cry mother cry father ask us to spend time with her. She say she miss us until depression so request is to bring baby over at night at 9pm! Then she accused me by saying I let my mom spend time with baby and not her but it's not true, in fact she visited our place more often then my mom. So angry that I have to put up with her drama each time and my bil also side her. My husband thinks that we shld please his mom too because she gonna have depression. after a long day I am tired too! waited so long finally have wkends but still need spend time with her why can't she understand our plight. having a young child is not easy. not enough sleep. stress up life keeping up with the bills. omg I cant help you but just sharing my case because there might be someone having a worse mil. Maybe...... Horrible horrible.

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5y ago

So manipulative. I would draw some boundaries and rules.

How often does she drop by? If only like once a week I am fine with it, I take it as I got an extra helping hand. While she helps, I can bathe and eat longer too. If it's on daily basis, I might not like it as there is no consistency and will speak to my husband about it.

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If she comes once in a while or once a week. Take it as a break for yourself! Some of us can't even have such break. Enjoy it while u can!

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I feel u. Even when I'm not staying with my in laws I hate it whenever they try to replace me whenever they are ard