MIL obsessed over my LO

My MIL is over obsessed over my baby. Whenever I wanted to carry my baby to feed, change diaper or even cuddle my baby to sleep she will interrupt me and snatch over my job from me. I know some of the gesture is good intention. But there is a moment when She keep cuddling my Baby and refuse to let me carry over to place her in the cot, claiming that baby sleep well when cuddle and keep direct me away (in fact i have completed my task on hand). And when i cuddle my LO, she say a different thing claiming I should ignore my LO and let her self smooth to fall asleep on her own. =.= she will always use buying lunch as an excuses to come my house daily and stay till evening when my hubby is home. Resulted me with no intimate bonding time with my baby. worse is she will introduce or give advises to handle my baby based on hearsay frorm her friend. When i was sleeping, she will just push my baby cot to other room without informing me. And worse, even wanted to come over on weekends to take care our baby. But i strictly told her off that weekends is precious for my hubby to have the bonding session with baby. Whe I get very fed up and complain to my hubby, hoping that she dont have to continue bringing lunch over as an excuse to interrupt my time with baby. And keep giving unsolicited advises without any explaination behide her reasons, snatching away my job as a mother. Finding excuse to stay overnight so that she can co sleep with my baby. When my hubby confronted her, she claim that she scare im alone with “depression”?! However, how should i tell my hubby in fact all her actions were due to her obsession over my baby? I feel damn sian to have the mental battle with her over who is reach out first to cuddle and take care of my baby. #advicepls

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Mine was with my helper, she love my baby too much. Hahaha. As for your MIL, just firmly tell her that you want to spend alone time with your baby because 9 mths of carrying it in your stomach is ALL FOR THIS MOMENT. :)