Im 36 and my wife is 38. We have been trying to have a baby for 2 years but no luck till today. Was thinking of IVF, can anyone he greatful to recommend to me some good IVF specialist? Thanks in advance

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The first and most important step in the infertility treatment process is choosing the right medical center. The expertise of physicians and medical staff, the quality of services provided and the up-to-date equipment are the most important factors in choosing an infertility treatment clinic. Choosing the right infertility treatment center can have a huge impact on the success of the treatment process. Infertility treatment centers in Iran, utilizing up-to-date knowledge and equipment, provide infertility treatment services at global quality and at a lower price than other countries. Therefore, many couples suffering from infertility problems choose infertility treatment clinics in Iran, as their treatment destination. The Following are the best infertility and IVF treatment centers in Iran. Royan fertility center Specialist Center for the Treatment of Infertility and Repetitive Abortion of Avecenna Moheb Yas Hospital Infertility Center Omid Fertility Clinic Sarem Hospital Infertility Treatment Clinic

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I've heard from my friends that Dr Tan Heng Hao (from KKH) comes highly recommended by his patients and other gynaes. Sounds like he is very professional, friendly and nice. Just a note, the waiting time for consultation may be long. All the best!

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6y ago

Yes THH is good. But it is quite rush on every appointment with him so if u need personal touch kind of service, u might wanna consider some other gynae.

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IVF is not an easy journey.. Perhap you can ask your wife to go for a body check up to see if she have eggs and if she is ovulating .. And work it out from there 😊 All the best ..

Hey dear, if you do have a religion, have faith. We can try all methods but without faith, if its not meant to be it wont be. Just my opinion, please do not get offended.

3y ago

Yes truly believe in this. Pray 🙏

My gynae Dr Chris Chong at Gleneagles does IVF.

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Hi! I recommend Dr. Kelly Loi