Folic Acid

Hi im 19weeks pregnant and i have stopped consuming the folic acid after my 1st trimester.. should i continue or just stop totally?

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check with your gynae, but usually the multi vitamin gynae give already contains folic acid

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Doctor will advise you to stop after 1st trimester and replace with other supplements.

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Stopped folic acid after first trimester and started on Blackmores Pregnancy Advanced

You can stop if your doctor has given you obimin as obimin also contains folic.

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With my gynae, she recommend folic acid for the 1st trimester only.

I stop as per gynae advice. As multi vit has folic acid content.

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Continue. And u should also take calcium & iron pills :)

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2nd trimester will consume calcium, obimin and fish oil.

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Some gynae will said, u only folic acid, nothing else.

Im taking it until today (hitting 36weeks next week!)