confuse????? help

Hi, i went for my kkh appt today after seeing the dr everything was fine. After that the dr told me to continue taking folic acid together with my other supplement which is obimin, fish oil and calcium. Im confused whether i should still continue to take folic acid or not, because for my first appt i visited a different dr (under subsidies), she told me to stop taking folic acid once i start my supplement and now this dr is asking me to continue taking it??? Im so confused ? im 15 weeks pregnant

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I have the same prescriptions. I take Acid folic-Iron together with Obimin (multiple vitamin) and Omega oil after food in the morning. In the afternoon, after lunch I take calcium. The iron and calcium can’t take together, calcium must take during the day not evening ... don’t take any vitamin in the evening. I’m 12 weeks pregnant.

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Folic acid to take during first trimester. Afterwhich doctor will prescribe multi vitamin for u to continue throughout second and third trimester. It also contains folic acid.

I am under kkh subsidies also. Asked the doc the same qn before and she said need not take folic acid anymore.. since there already is in the obimin.

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I am currently just consuming obimin and fish oil.. both of which was prescribed by the doctor.

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I still taking my folic acid (blackmores pregnancy) beside the calcium, obimin and fish oil. My gynae said it's ok to continue the folic acid

Me too under sub at kkh... Doc told me too stop taking folic acid coz obimin also contain folic acid too so dun worry n confuse... Take care

I took folic acid throughout my pregnancy because that the only pills i can swallow. Now 34 weeks.

Not necessary. Your multi- vitamins contains folic acid as well.

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my Dr told me to stop folic acid so I stop.. 🤔🤔

In tat case just listen to ur Doctor. No worries..

I took folic acid throughout my pregnancy.