Folic acid for second trimester?

Hi all. Curious question, I will be in my second trimester next week, do I still continue taking folic acid? Or when should I stop?

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In the 2nd trimester, usually your gynae will start your Obimin Multivitamins. The folic acid is to be consumed during the 1st trimester only. Hope this helps!

Usually doctor will prescribe multivitamins in second tri which contain folic acid then they will advise you to stop :)

I'm in my 2nd trimester. My multi-vitamins include folic acid along with the rest of the stuff.

My gynae just stops prescribing when he thinks I no longer need it :)

Gynea will prescribe obimin on ur 12 weeks of pregnancy till birth .

You can continue take folic acid throughout your whole pregnancy

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apparently my gynae said folic acid will stop at week 14...

I asked my doctor, say continue to take

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yes all the way till u give birth