I'm 17 weeks and not showing. People are starting to doubt I really am pregnant. This is my first. Is it okay to not be showing at 17 weeks?

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It's fine. I met a mom whose estimated due date was in the same month as us. When we met up at about 6 months pregnant, her tummy was SO FLAT, we were all shocked that she was pregnant because we didn't know how it was possible. It actually is.. her baby was born healthy, though she is a bit on the small side.

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Same here at 17 weeks di din halata not unless nakahiga ako dun ko nararamdaman yung baby bump. First time soon to be mommy din. Mabuti na lang medyo may kalikutan si Baby at nararamdaman ko na ang movement niya medyo nakakakiliti pero nakakakilig knowing na there's another human inside me 😊😌😍

Everyone is different this us my second pregnancy and it's a lot different to my first... I'm carrying lower and smaller as well. Not to mention this baby kicks a lot harder than what my first did I wouldn't worry what people think or say congrats on bub and enjoy every moment of your pregnancy...

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I am now 28.3weeks and bump looks like 4-5months preggy. As long as baby is healthy all is fine! This is my 4th baby and I prefer with a tiny Miny bump instead of carrying huge heavy bumps around hehe. So far I haven’t get any maternity clothing yet but I am gaining a lot of weight!

Same here! I’m also not showing as much and I’m 17 weeks too. Compared to my best friend but it’s alright it doesn’t matter what others think. You know you’re pregnant, baby and yourself are healthy is all that matters. 😊 enjoy the moment cheers!

same here 17w 1d 🖐️.. Wala pa ako naexperience na pagsusuka at pagkahilo, at maliit pa rin ang baby bump ko.. Excited na ulet ako pumunta kay doc in 2 days para marinig ko ulet ang heartbeat ni baby and syempre we all hope na okay at healthy si baby naten 💕

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As far as I know mommy kapag mataba ka like me at hindi ganun kalaki ang baby bump mo at that stage hindi pa talaga naririnig ang heartbeat sa fetal doppler pero sa ultrasound meron.

Yes very common. The muscles in you abdomen wall are very tight for first time mothers which means for many mothers having no obvious bump until later in the pregnancy. Second/third preganancys the wall muscles are looser so more mothers bumps show sooner.

me as well. but sometimes it shows up big. i'm not yet able to go to my OB again for now due to the pandemic, so may i also ask if it's normal that my lower abdomen feels heavy and hard?? they said maybe it's because my baby is still in that place. 😊

Same here.. Maliit din yung tiyan ko, nagwoworry nga po ako baka kasi hindi normal.. It is my first time, at saka nong dalaga pa po ako sobrang nipis po tlaga tyan ko.... Siguro po mas maganda, as long as the baby is fine and healthy inside our womb, it is okay

Its ok.... As long as your docter is happy with ur scan then all is well.... People have different size bumps... Just depends on ur body build, ur diet nd ur genes nd da babys weight... U will show soon and that will be the topic of every conversation