I'm 21 weeks and 3 days.

Alot of people are telling me "i dont look pregnant" or "i'm not big enough". Should i be worried? As i see loads of moms showing massively already when they're at 21 weeks

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First pregnancy? If yes, then it's perfectly normal! When you see other mums that shows bigger than yours, maybe it's not their 1st pregnancy. Subsequent pregnancies shows obviously more than the 1st. This is because their uterus has already stretched from the previous pregnancies. Also nothing to worry about your bump size cos it does not determine your baby's size or weight. I will just shrug off and ignore them as long as my baby is healthy. On another note, with smaller bump it is so much easier to slim down during confinement period.

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dont worry! as long as baby is healthy! I was like you, when I stand beside my collegue who is also pregnant people tend to see her pregnant but not me. As they are those skinny kind but I'm abit plus size kind they didn't notice that I'm pregnant too. but don't be bothered, everything is fine.

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No worries on this! As long baby is healthy! Both my pregnancy I don’t look Preggy till 7 or 8 month and it’s a blessing cause I can fit into all my usual clothes and not get any maternity wear!

My belly only became more obvious when I was 6mths preggy. No one would suspect I was pregnant for the first 6mths as my tummy was so small. Baby came out healthy, so don’t worry and eat well.

Don’t need to worry at all. My bump was small throughout the entire pregnancy. Only gained 7.3kg in total. Baby came out at 2.7kg via csect on week 38+2!

Are you on the skinny side? There's nothing to worry if gynae doesn't mention any issue during your visits! :)

First pregnancy, and mine only started to show very clearly and grow exponentially at the 6th month.