I'm 17 weeks and not showing. People are starting to doubt I really am pregnant. This is my first. Is it okay to not be showing at 17 weeks?

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I managed to slide in my wedding dress at my 21 weeks. A dress I bought when I was 12 weeks. My struggle was not the tummy but the breasts section 😅. I started showing at 24 weeks but people still find hard to believe I'm 27 now! It's my first pregnancy.

Normal lang sis. Ako nga 8 months na running to 9 pero mukhang 5 months lang 😂😂😂 kahit si ob ko naliliitan pero everytime naman na may mgabtest at ultrasound, ok na naman si baby. Sabi ni Dra. purong bata. Kumbaga sa katawan ko yung maliit talaga

ako din. 17 weeks na tiyan ko. pero parang busog lang ako. Pero ramdam ko siya minsan kase naninigas tiyan ko or parang may nag po-pop na gumagalaw sa tiyan ko. at kita din sa ultrasound. first time mommy din po ako

Me too... Ako mismo nagdududa sa tummy q... Doesnt look like Im preggy... Tas hindi pa sya nagmomove...ganun ba talaga un? 2nd child nmin ito after 7years...ung 1st q kc ramdam q na agad at 3rd month... As in para syang kitikiti sa tiyan q...

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Same po busog lng ako pag sa umaga maliit siya im 3 months

it's a bit hard to tell if baby bump na ba lalo for me may belly fat and madalas bloated but when sometimes you lay flat on your back my ma-feel ka ng bump sa bandang puson. kapag first time mom daw po ganoon talaga di agad pansinin.

Frist time you won't show fast I did not either your belly is still intact so you might show a bit later. Also depends on how your body type is if your tall and slim it will take longer or if your short and slim might show sooner. Everyone is different

Piss off whoever doubts you. All ladies are different. My sis didn't show she was until 5 to 6 months. 4 months she still look like her usual self. People want to doubt you, that is their problem not yours and shouldn't doubt you for it and any way

Im 26 weeks and Not showing at all not even a bit! Its all to do with your height weight stomach area and abdomen muscles..as long as baby’s measurements are fine and docs/midwife aren’t concerned , its nothing to worry about !

Yes u have nothing to be scared of ok ur baby is growing in ur womb weather is showing u are pregnant or not ur baby is busy growing day by day the only thing u need to do is go for scan to see how ur baby is possition and doing too.

For first time mother, normally the tummy will show later as the belly has not been expanded before. I only started to show at around 7 months of pregnancy for my no.1. For my 3rd pregnancy, I already started to show at 5th month.