Can your belly start showing at 15 weeks of pregnancy?

Hi Mummies, Can you start showing at 15 weeks? I am currently 15 weeks and few days pregnant. This is my first pregnancy #firstbaby #firstmom

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On my first pregnancy, no one can I’m preg till my 8/9 month pregnancy.. Now I’m carrying second baby at ard 10 weeks preg, quite a number of ppl already can tell my baby bump.. So all pregnancies will be different.. Size of baby bump doesn’t matter as long mummy and baby are healthy

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Im quiet big size and standing at 170.. i can fully see my belly showing after 16weeks. Everyone will go thru different stages on their belly i believe.. im FTM as well!!! Good luck to all of us mummies!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I started showing already when i entered 2nd trimester. First time mum here. Now 18 weeks and my belly quite big

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I think it depends on an individual’s body and for everyone it is different. Do me I am in 16th week now and I donno if my my belly is a fat belly or pregnancy belly haha

First pregnancy some will show at the end of second trimester. Im 17 weeks and im not showing yet.

it’s possible. i started showing when i was about 10 weeks. could be because i’m petite

I only started showing when I was at 5-6 months pregnant. First time mum here too ✌🏼

It depends on an individual’s body mum, I started to show by 18th week