When does your baby bump appear for 1st pregnancy?

I’m 15 weeks now but still don’t look pregnant.

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My bump was barely noticeable even up till i was about to give birth! Baby was fine with every checkup & was bigger than average. I’m 165cm & 48kg before pregnancy, 60kg when gave birth but still fit in old clothes during pregnancy despite weight gain. Nobody knew i was pregnant until i told them. You should be fine! ☺️

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I can see the difference between 3-4 months haha. Belly slightly pop out. On your 2nd trim definitely can see big difference Don’t worry, some preggy are petite belly is not as big as watermelon 😅 As long baby is growing n healthy 😌

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I can see my bump bulging out at week 14.. but only obvious if i wear dresses.. if top n maternity pants not so obvious.. 😁

I’m 21 weeks and of average built. I don’t look pregnant unless I’m wearing maternity pants which highlights the bump.

No worries, mine appear ard 20 weeks and currently 24 weeks, ppl still thought that I’m fat rather then pregnant. 😂

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Don’t worry. Ppl notice my bump when I’m 24 weeks. Ur bump will be more obvious later on

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mine only obvious (but not so obvious 😅) at 25weeks onwards

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Mine started to be really obvious from week 24 onwards.

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That’s so good! I have mine at around week 12

I only appear baby bump after 25weeks