Sudden pregnancy bump!

My bump has started to show so much more this week! I’m at week 12 :) has anyone had a ‘sudden’ bump overnight? ? don’t get me wrong but I’m excited and fascinated at the same time! ?

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Mine started showing at week 10 a little,now I'm at w30 and there's definitely no stopping! Lol.. My colleague who is 2 months ahead of me have the same size bump as me... So... Its perfectly normal! :)

mine was barely noticeable almost non existent until i was around week 31/32, sudden bump that was still pretty small like a 4-5month pregnancy bump 😅


Me! I got no baby bump at all till 19 weeks suddenly my tummy just pop out when I'm on my baby moon trip.

Mine started being more obvious around week 20 cos I’ve always had a tummy.

Yes! My bump started showing more when im in week 14. Baby is growing! 🤗

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mine shown @ mid 2nd tri

Only in 3rd trimester

Me too !