Baby bump is not showing at all.

When will i see my baby bump? This is my 1st pregnancy and im at my 15th weeks now. My belly is still flat. Kinda worry about the baby growth. #advicepls #pleasehelp

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I was just like you. I was worried about baby’s growth as well. As long as dr say baby growth is good then you dont have to worry! I know how you felt. My baby bump started showing at around 20 weeks. Im 31 weeks now and baby bump is getting bigger. Dont worry!

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Also, your baby bump doesnt determine the size of baby! Sometimes, baby bump is big but baby is small. What makes it big is the amniotic fluid. So, it depends.

I had no bump all the way till 37 weeks, my tummy was really flat n only after I eat will look bloated. I gave birth at 38 weeks no issues! My second pregnancy no bump till 7months, at 8months starting to can see more but it's still very small

Hey! My first pregnancy was like that too. People in the mrt only gave me a seat when I was 8 months pregnant. Even so my tummy was still too small for an 8 mth! Don’t worry too much! It’s better to have a smaller tummy actually 😂

hey my bump only started to show last week but only when i'm in home clothes 🤭 i'm 17weeks turning 18. they say first pregnancy usually shows late. dont worry, as long as scans and checkup is fine ♥️

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normally after 6th month is will start to grow really big and obvious. below 6 months usually not so obvious. dont worry, as long as gynae say everything is okay, its doesnt matter. 😊

I only started showing a bump at about 16 weeks. And I’m having twins. First pregnancy. Don’t worry. All bumps are normal. There is no perfect size.

The size of the bump is not correlated to the size of the baby, so don’t worry too much! (: Especially when this is your first pregnancy

my baby bump only start appearing when I am 22 week pregnant and I gave birth to my baby weight 3.1kg..

Don’t worry, my bump didn’t appear until week 17-ish. :) Baby is doing fine too.