bump not growing

1st tri i was 45kg now im in my 6th months and weight at 54kg but my bump size is flat im worried. i don’t look pregnant too. #firstbaby

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this is my 8 months bump. I was 47kg in 1st trimester and currently 54kg. people are bound to comment and I've also been getting comments on how my bump is barely visible during 5-6 months. I only started to really pop at 7 months and even so, it's still comparatively small to others. I'm also a ftm and understand your worries. I just have to keep reminding myself that the scans are normal and doctor say that baby is growing well. I try not to weigh myself too much also.

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I didn’t have a visible bump throughout my pregnancy ( first pregnancy too ) , nurses were asking me if I’m sure I’m pregnant Everytime I go for checkup and even when I was about to deliver haha 😫 baby was born at 40wks exact at 3.002kg , 1st tri was 47kg and last tri was 63kg, I didn’t start gaining much weight till last tri , don’t worry mummy so long as all the checkups are going well it’ll be good !

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8mo ago

hey babe! do u mind sharing ur bump pic


Hi 👋🏻 all pregnancy r different. I’m 45kg before pregnancy and throughout 1st trim. On the day of delivery I was 58kg. My tummy was all way flat until obvious n sharp at 7mo onwards. Had a healthy boy at 38w3d. So no worries, so long all scans r good I don’t think it’s a problem! Good luck babe! 👍🏻

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how was ur scans all along? if baby is doing fine then u shudnt worry too much.... first time mum usually have a smaller bump... my sis pregnant with her first, she dont look pregnant at all, only cn see her bump at 8mths!

8mo ago

its ok mummy... as long baby is healthy and u cn feel their kicks, thats the best alrdy... cos first time pregnancy mostly smaller bump... even my neighbour, she is expecting her #3, noone knows as her tummy only looks bloated, suddenly 1 day we saw her with her baby and we are quite shock as she dont look pregnant at all, just bloated... u are not alone ok! hugssss

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Hi dont worry. All three of my pregnancy i only started showing @ 7months onwards. And third one i barely gain any weight but baby is healthy & growing well:)