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Hi there mummies, just curious When did your bump start showing for your 1st pregnancy? #firstbaby #pregnancy #1stimemom

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7 months for me then really look pregnant 🤣🤣 If small tiny bump like around 5 to 6 months? But thats like more to being fat rather then pregnant 🤣

around 6 months too. Before that everyone thought I was merely putting on weight

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around 7 months! before that i just look like i was gaining weight 😂

Around 6 months! Anytime before that, i just looked fat 🤣

from 12 week onwards start to show abit and grow weekly

10-12 weeks cos of my extreme bloatedness 😭

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6weeks. But for me that's extreme bloatness. 😅

1y ago

same here hehe

Mine showed at 7 months pregnancy

1st pregnancy around 7plus months

5months onwards more obvious